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2020 Scholarship Winners

2020 Scholarship Winners

Left to right:

  • Briselda Nunez: $2,100
  • John Zurita; $2,100
  • Aamani Indraganti: $300
Sites We'll See

New YorkPhiladelphia
Washington DC

Class Trip 2020


The 2020 Class Trip was cancelled.

This was very disappointing for 8th graders, but the safety of our students was our #1 priority. We followed the advice of city, state, and national authorities. Trip payments were refunded.

Founding Fathers East Coast Trip

The 8th grade Class of 2020 is invited to take a 7-day 6-night trip with the Palms Middle School History Department for the Founding Fathers East Coast Tour during the week of Spring Recess in the Spring 2020 semester.

The tour is run by the Explorica educational travel service, with Palms teachers as chaperones. There are at least one adult for each 9 students. The trip is for students and teachers only -- not for parents, not even as chaperones.

Trip dates

Discounted early registration deadline: May 2019

Registration deadline: Fall 2019 or when we reach trip capacity

Departing: Friday, April 3, 2020

Returning: Thursday, April 9, 2020

Sign-up at


There is a practical limit to the number of students that can be taken on the trip and space fills up quickly. Once the initial cap is reached, a waiting list will be available. If enough students sign up for the waiting list, we can reopen registration and take additional students.

Sign-ups as of October 2019: 56 students


Eligibility is based on the rules for Eighth Grade Eligibility as of the Fall semester 20-week report card.

The Travel Protection Plan Plus travel insurance plan will cover students who are unable to take the trip because they do not meet these eligibility requirements. The standard Travel Protection Plan does not cover this possibility.

See protection plan details at the Explorica website.


The cost for the 2020 trip is $2,547 per student.

A discount is available if you sign up before June 1, 2019. Click or tap I have a voucher code on the Payment page and enter the code you get from Mr. Nicholson.

The price covers:

  • round-trip transportation
  • 6 overnight stays in hotels
  • lodging, 3 or 4 students to a room (or just 1 other student for $45 extra/night)
  • tours and tourguides
  • security
  • meals and meal expenses
  • tips
  • trip diary on the Explorica website (also on the Palms website)

The price does not include:

  • travel insurance (see below)
  • souvenirs
  • airline baggage fees

See details at the Explorica website.

Payment Plans

Four payment plans are offered with no extra fees:

  1. Pay in full.
  2. Pay $50 deposit and the rest in equal monthly credit or debit card charges through January 2020.
  3. Pay $50 deposit and the rest in equal monthly checking account payments through February 2020.
  4. Pay $99 deposit, $300 in 30 days, and the balance in December 2019.

Choice of travel protection plan:

  • No travel protection plan
  • Standard Travel Protection Plan ($84 extra): covers injury, sickness, flight cancellation, lost luggage, etc. (details)
  • Travel Protection Plan Plus ($126 extra): also covers cancelation for almost any reason (details)

See details at the Explorica website.


We expect there to be 6 scholarships, sponsored by Friends of Palms. Details are announced in Fall.

Travel Insurance

Optional travel insurance, payable with your initial deposit, provides protection against trip cancellation.

Travel Protection Plan: $84

Covers injury, sickness, death of a family member, bad-weather flight cancelations, lost luggage, and a few other conditions.

Travel Protection Plan Plus: $126

Also covers cancelation for any reason, with a partial refund, 30 days or more before the trip.

COVID-19 Information

Explorica posted an FAQ.

Students Will Visit...


  • Harvard Square walking tour
  • Fenway Park tour
  • USS Constitution "Old Ironsides"
  • Freedom Trail tour: Old North Church, Paul Revere's house, Old Granary burial ground, Boston Common, King's Chapel, Old State House, Faneuil Hall

New York:

  • Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • Midtown tour: Rockefeller Center, St. Patrick's Cathedral, Times Square, Grand Central Station
  • Ellis Island
  • Statue of Liberty
  • Lower Manhattan tour: Trinity Church, Wall Street, Chinatown, Little Italy, 9/11 Memorial
  • One World Observation at One World Trade Center


  • Independence Hall
  • Liberty Bell center
  • Ben Franklin's grave
  • Elfreth's Alley
  • Friendship Meeting House

Washington DC:

  • Mount Vernon
  • National Archives
  • Memorials: World War II, Lincoln, Vietnam Veterans, Korean War
  • National Mall
  • Tidal Basin
  • Washington Monument
  • White House
  • Library of Congress
  • U.S. Capitol
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